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High temperature alumina crucible 99% corundum ceramic crucible specifications: 5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 25ml 30ml 50ml 100ml 150ml 200ml-2500ml. Suitable for sample analysis and melt of laboratory metal, non-metallic materials. Alumina crucibles’ features:     1, High purity: Al2O3> 99%, good chemical corrosion resistance     2, Good temperature endurance, long-term use at 1600 °C, 1800 °C short-term     3, Good rapid thermal shock resistance, not easy to burst     4 , Slip Casting with high density Product Description: Arc Straight alumina ceramic crucibles’ basic functions: Name: straight alumina crucibles Chemical Composition Al2O3 ≥ 99   R2O ≤ 0.2   Fe2O3 ≤ 0.1   SiO2 ≤ 0.2 Volume density (g/cm2) ≥ 3.80 Apparent porosity (%) <1 Bending strength (Mpa)> 350 Compressive strength (Mpa)> 12000 Dielectric constant Σ (1MHz) 2 The highest operation temperature (°C) 1800 Best roast container for making powder TV, rare earth materials, precious metals, and roasting high, medium and low ceramic capacitors, NTC, PTC piezoelectric ceramic and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide powder