Panel Heaters

Ceramic infrared heating elements are efficient, eco-friendly heaters which provide long wave infrared radiation. The ceramic heaters and infrared heaters are used in a diverse range of industrial and engineering applications such as thermoforming heaters, packaging and as heaters for paint curing, printing and drying. They are also used very effectively in infrared outdoor heaters and infrared saunas. Standard Size
item size type power
1 60*60 mm Flat/Hollow Available from 100w to 250w
2 120*60 mm Curved/flat/Hollow Available from 100w to 500w
3 120*120 mm Flat/Hollow Available from 250w to 1000w
4 240*60 mm Curved/flat/Hollow Available from 250w to 1000w
5 245*80 mm Curved/flat/Hollow Available from 250w to 1000w
Specification 1. Radioactive properties: a maximum monochromatic radiation components reached 0.9, the normal total radiation rate is greater than 0.83. 2. Thermal response time: from room normal temperature to a constant value of the radiant panel surface temperatures less than 20 minutes. 3. Degeneration of hot and cold resistance: five alternating hot and cold test of no peeling, no cracking. 4. Radiating temperature inhomogeneity: ≤ 15% 5. Power error: The rated working voltage ≤ 5% 6. Cold insulation resistance: 500V megger> 2mΩ 7. Thermal insulation resistance: 500V megger> 0.5mΩ 8. Use life> 3000 hours. We can customize according to customer requirements,such as size,voltage,power,shape,color. Application 1. Plastics Industry *In Thermoforming machines *In Vacuumforming machines *Heating Systems for webs of plastic materials *In Gelling Systems for PVC-pasted coatings *In machines for Shrink Wrapping *Heating Systems for glass fiber reinforced plastic parts *In machines for Fastening Nylon and Perlon Threads *Heating Systems to activate adhesives *Heating Systems curing epoxy resins *Equipment for melting on sound insulation mats *Ovens for preheating plastic pipes when connecting sleeve joints *Heating Systems for moulded laminates before punching 2. Surface Technology *Heating Systems for melting-on powder coatings *Ovens for drying latex coatings *Ovens for stove-enamelling painted sheet metal parts *Ovens for drying glaze on ceramic tiles *Ovens for stove-enamelling whirl sinter coatings *Ovens for drying and stove-enamelling protective coatings on cans and tubes 3. Food Industry *Baking and Browning machines for small cakes and pastries *Heating Systems for processed cheese *Heating Systems for masses in dragee containers *Heating Systems for chocolate coatings *Warming Systems for large-scale catering 4. Medical Technology *Equipment for heat irradiation in massage parlours *Laboratory equipment for dentistry *Infrared Saunas 5. Further Applications *In Paper machines for heating paper machine *In Equipment for soldering printed circuit boards *Equipment for the acceleration of chemical conversions *Heating Systems for after-tempering injection moulded parts *Heating Equipment for glass and ceramic for further processing *Heating Equipment for environmental chambers *Ovens for drying glued wood and furniture parts *Ovens for drying raw and printed wallpaper *Ovens for drying finished fabrics *Ovens for drying washed fabrics *Ovens for tempering glass